My name is Cullen and I'm a graduating senior from Louisiana Tech University in graphic design. I have a passion for creating colorful and innovative designs that capture attention and tell a story. Branding and packaging are my main focus, but I also enjoy working on digital illustrations and motion graphics.
Throughout my academic career, I have gained experience in using a range of design software (mostly adobe applications ie. Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and other adobe services) and tools to bring my creative ideas to life. I love exploring new techniques and pushing the boundaries of design to create unique and impactful pieces.
I believe my design process is about looking at things in a logical way but continuing to discover new innovations. The world is ever changing and us as designers need to stay on top of the trends. I always try to think about what I can do to stay unique as well as fresh and relevant. ​​​​​​
As I prepare to graduate and enter the professional world, I am excited to continue honing my skills and creating engaging designs that make a difference. I am eager to bring my love for colorful designs and branding to the industry and make my mark in the world of graphic design.
One more critical thing about me is that I love my cat Kimchi (or more commonly known as, Kimmy). We rescued her when she was but a wee kitten on the side of a road in the middle of a thunder storm, her eyes were glued shut due to mucus and bacteria build up and I worked for months trying to help her open her eyes to see the world around her. Three years later, she can stalk all the toys she wants and show others her beautifully big eyes as much as she wants.
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